Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate will be a beacon community, creating a safe and secure life by the coast of Kleinbaai. What better collaboration to emphasise community and build a better future among fellow South Africans than the contribution of local Gansbaai artist, Louise Swart, to our official show house?

Art brings beauty, warmth, and charm to a home. As part of our successful collaboration with Incanda Furniture (Hermanus), we would also like to thank Louise Swart for her beautiful art pieces that created an atmosphere of grace in the official show house of Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate.

Louise Swart, an abstract artist, studied art as a profession but has over the years embraced her calling as a nation builder, advocating for change and building communities. Nation building begins with individuals choosing daily acts of kindness and generosity and progresses to skills training and leadership development. This, in turn, leads to projects that build nations through business, infrastructure development, agriculture, and other interventions.

Louise has been exposed to the governmental sector both as a school teacher and, since 1999, as the wife of Steven Swart, a Member of Parliament in South Africa. She has traveled to numerous nations and has initiated several projects in her home country since 1994. She has a vision for significant additional transformational projects for Africa, starting in South Africa.

To all our Kleinbaai Lifestyle Estate residents, you are already welcomed into a warm, active, and supportive community!

All paintings are available for purchase.

To get in touch with Louise Swart for more information, contact our property development team at .

Please note: Louise chooses to give a percentage of the profit made from each painting to various organizations of her choice. This act of loving kindness ensures tangible nation building at the grassroots level of society, across various spheres of life.


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